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Microbridge provides HIPAA compliant high-quality medical transcription services to small and medium healthcare organizations. Microbridge understands the pressures and demands on your time as a healthcare professional, and that's why we have developed user-friendly and intuitive solutions to meet all of your needs.

Following are the key features of our medical transcription services:

Customized Services
Every healthcare organization has unique transcription needs. We collaborate with you to customize our services that fulfill your requirements.

Convenient Dictation Methods
You can dictate via digital voice recorders, toll-free phone number, iPhone app, Android app.

Automated & User-friendly System
We have developed a secure, user-friendly, and automated system that makes it simple for you to send dictations to Microbridge and receive transcripts from Microbridge.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
You can access your dictations and transcripts on your computer, smartphone, and tablet via our secure Microbridge File Center.

EMR/EHR Integration
We can integrate and import transcripts into any EMR/EHR system. This creates a complete and unified electronic patient health records system.

Competitive Pricing
Microbridge has highly competitive prices based on the industry standard of 65-character line count of transcriptions. You do not pay for partial lines, wide margins, large typefaces, and short pages.

Quality Assurance
Microbridge has a rigorous 3-Stage Quality Assurance System. We use state-of-the-art management and quality assurance practices to provide the best possible quality work. Microbridge guarantees to surpass AHDI’s (The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) industry-standard minimum accuracy level of 98%.

Fast Turnaround Time
We provide up to 12-hour (overnight) turnaround time. 4-hour turnaround time is also available for STAT requests.

Total Security & Confidentiality
Information security is the top priority at Microbridge. As your partner in the chain of trust handling confidential patient health information (PHI) information, we have specific technical and physical security features in place. We use encryption technology to transfer data over the internet. All our processes fully comply with the existing HIPAA regulations, and we actively consult with HIPAA advisors to ensure current compliance and maintain superior security.

Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is our most valued indicator of success, and we ensure comprehensive customer support on a 24/7 basis via phone and email.




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